CNN: "Insurrection In Washington Following Trump Encouragement"

Cool and clear in the morning, but again cloudier as the day progressed. Arlene tells me that a “wintry mix” is forecast for Friday and Saturday.

This is a day that will scar US history. We can hope — and work energetically — to ensure that the scar does not debilitate our republic. One of the first things to do will be to call the outrage what it was: an insurrection, a riot, a coup attempt, a Trumpish Putsch. And then, we need to make sure that the outrage has consequences for the people who executed it and who led it.

That’s a beginning to repair the damage as we piece together a better nation.

Happy with the Georgia Senate runoff outcome, even though the fifty-fifty split of Senators might be dicey at times. I do hope that the Republicans – the more moderate ones at least – might choose bipartisanship over rancor. The Republican Party has the makings of a large family feud, which will make governing beyond their abilities, but then, I guess that governing is something that Republicans have lately failed rather magnificently at being able to pull off. Perhaps sense will return to leaders when they more clearly see the state that the US has fallen to in the Trump years.

On the home front, Arlene rearranged the bedroom under construction while I focused on the chair repair out in the Garage Mahal. Getting things back into order. The chair work was quite successful, since I got the broken leg repaired and the pieces are nearly in shape to be glued back together. I’ve been holding off with the glue, since I think that the old thing is going to need some convincing to keep its four feet on the ground. No doubt time and my work on the broken leg changed the whole geometry of the chair.

I talked with my sister for about an hour this afternoon as I took a break from the chair repair. We hadn’t talked in a long time, though we had occasionally exchanged text messages. It was a nice chat to catch up on family and what people are doing during the weird times.

In mid-afternoon, I checked my email from the garage, and got a rather cryptic message from Duke about tweeting and social media use during the afternoon, given what was happening in Washington. What’s that all about, I wondered, and I checked in on the web only to see the beginnings of the insurrection. That kinda put a stop to everything on the chair, and I texted a couple of snapshots from the TV so that Arlene was aware. She was at the barn tending things.

Of course we’re now wondering what the North Carolina Trump supporters think now. Surely, the rioting and insurrection north of here must have given some of the more thoughtful people pause. It is frankly shameful what has been done, and I wonder whether anyone can look at the lawlessness and see any sort of exemplar for action and politics. Trump has continually moved the nation toward “shit-hole” status. The nation will recover but the blemish will remain.


Not going to make it to thirty-six pictures today.