Atablet showing a photograph from a Trump rally, January 6, 2021.

A bit of a restless night, especially for Arlene, who was up in the early morning hours to check the news and consider the events of yesterday evening. It is so obvious that the leaders of the Republican Party have lost control over their senses and can no longer attempt to govern. Mr. Trump is plainly either a notorious buffoon or deranged or both, and there must be some lessons in his use of language, either by cunning design of innuendo and outright lying or by coarse ineptitude and cluelessness that words and actions matter. He cannot get away with the kind of insurrection that his words have enflamed, and I hope that Congress will take him to account for his actions – which are plainly anti-democratic and “anti-American.” The question persists as to “who we are” as a nation, I think, and whether what transpired in Washington, DC, and is latent and frothy throughout the country expresses “who we are” as much as our ideals and intentions and, perhaps, our self delusions of national morality and goodness.

The chair pieces have come together in a loose fitting. I am reluctant to do the glue job yet until I have a clear picture in my mind about the sequence of attachments. It can be a complication, since pegs go into holes at joints, and some of the fittings need adjustment tht would disrupt and loosen others, if you don’t go about the sequence right. My current thought is to glue the back frame and the front frame separately, and then join those after they’re dry. The trouble? This would lose the three-dimensional geometry of the chair’s legs, and it could introduce a twist here or there that will make the final settling of the legs to the floor more of a problem.

It’s going to be an interesting chair when it’s done. The color will not be blue (our original thinking), but red. Arlene’s already got the upholstery material.

Quite listless today, I think because of the circumstances our nation is is because of bad choices made years ago and become acute five years ago. It’s a long and deep rooted disease that we need to heal.

The featured image struck me. The image of Trump projected on huge displays just seemed to me to show how much this whole movement looks like a personality cult. I am mystified why anyone would find Trump to be a personality to revere and follow. The image looked like something out of a dystopian movie.