Chair ready for paint

Icy on the deck this morning, but clear.

Bernadette would be scandalized by my laziness. Instead of thirty-six, I mustered … what … six pictures? Now, I think I have a little bit of leeway, since I took more, but I have to admit that the total was nowhere near thirty-six shots. More like ten. So, this is a failed picture day. Or perhaps one can view it differently. It’s less boring, since there are fewer shots of rather dubious utility and interest. But then maybe utility isn’t what it’s been pumped up to be in matters like these.

It’s funny that yesterday’s making of the gnocchi should be so easy to photograph. I felt a bit more motivated to snap away. Making food – especially food that is a bit experimental – is worth the pictures. It’s a bit of an adventure, and interesting in its own right. Arlene and I have made much food together, and we have developed ways of orchestrating and replaying food music for certain holidays and events. I think that might be a human trait, or maybe one from Western culture, at least: The pictures of the food at holidays, the common table surrounded by family and friends and, perhaps, the crazy uncle, the hubbub of the kitchen.

The last bit of Bondo filler on the old chair, and it went into the house for painting in the morning. I heard from a student who had seen the chair on the website, and she said that is promises to be “cozy” and that “somehow it gives me Alice in Wonderland vibes.” Cozy? Maybe. I do see the Alice in Wonderland connection, too.