A messy family room with half-put-away Christmas decorations

Finally putting Christmas decorations away!

Overcast, and rain expected today again. We’ve had a winter’s worth of rain already, and it would be nice to dry out a bit.

Neither of us was too motivated to take the Christmas decorations down, just as we weren’t that crazy about putting them up in late 2020, the annus horribilis of recent memory (or anyone’s memory for that matter). But they have to come down, tree and all, sometime, or they’d be hanging around until July 4.

Back in April 2020 or so, I broke the outer safety glass on a front sliding glass door when I was mowing the lawn or weed-eating. This was after we’d buckled in to ride out the pandemic–then we anticipated weeks, not months of isolation. I taped up the glass, which remained intact as safety glass should. It turned into little glass cubes. I figured we’d just get the glass through the isolation, and then get it fixed. That, of course, hasn’t happened yet, and the tape is showing its age and inability to keep the shattered pane together well enough. So today I sucked the glass out, and cleaned up the mess. It was a small task that I’d put off long enough.

I also began the repair of my favorite wheelbarrow–a big plastic job that’s great for concrete. I’ve still got some concrete work to do, but the container on the wheelbarrow is cracking. I’d noticed it before and did some minor fixes, but things got worse after we got a load of firewood and used the wheelbarrow to transport the wood the final fifty feet. The split logs were heavy enough to crack the plastic. And, since the thing is getting a little old, the plastic itself might be becoming a bit brittle.

This is a job for plastic welding. I also have reinforced the repair with small wires that I’ve melted into the plastic. A nice trick, and I think it’ll provide a good support. For more plastic to firm up the cracks, I’ve cannibalized the edges of the wheelbarrow. It works, and the old thing doesn’t need to be beautiful, just work-worthy.

Had to go to Lowes in Durham in the rain.