Garage lit up in morning dark

The Garage Mahal all lit up in the snow.

Three days until the end of the Memory-project for the Second Act. It’s been an eternity; it’s been a couple of breaths.

Snowed last night, and the morning was beautiful, even in the dark. But it’s cold. Last night I turned on the heater in the pump house so that we wouldn’t have a frozen pipe out there. I don’t think it got all that cold, but forecasts say it’s going to get colder. I know that we risk a freezing pipe if the temperature goes below 20 F degrees. I had dismantled the insulated box I hurriedly made a couple years ago, and just use an incandescent light or a heater now on occasion.

The snow wasn’t more than a couple of inches on the ground, but it was sticky enough to decorate the trees.

The car is ready, but we won’t pick it up until tomorrow. Both Arlene and I just want to toodle around the house.

I did a bit more writing on the glamour chapter. Basically, I picked up with a finer edit and revision of the section that I worked on in the last few days. Funny how the mind works on this all the time, as if there are jugglings in the head that, once started, just seem to continue to a conclusion (or to exhaustion). There’s a reorganization that’s needed, but I am not exactly sure what I’ll do to make it happen. I think there is a progression that I’ve violated in the argument, and that’s what my revising mind is telling me, along with some basic coordinates and guides for rethinking.

Writing something down lets you know your weak points in thought.

I realize as I am going through the photographs and putting them up on the website that there’s a lot of boring here. But I think that’s okay, since the point wasn’t to dazzle or impress–it’s not an Instagram moment, so to speak–rather the exercise is a bit of a data collection project. I’ll be happy when February 1 comes, so that I can release myself from the photography, which has been spotty and forced, I know, at times. I think I’ll give myself a bit of a break before returning to shuffle through and see what vibes might be discerned.

I created submenus for “Week One” and “Week Two,” since the list of dates was getting too long to be useful. I’ve not tried to navigate it much on my phone, but there is a complexity to the menus that might be daunting for teeny screens. Maud’s barn pictures went up. I think they’re some of the best and most fun, especially the detail of “Rigoletto.”

The barn is a good place, where animals and humans come together, often happily and with a good and decent purpose. I think it’s been a great gift to mankind that we have a place where animals are animals and that they poop, they amaze, they are humorous, they are dependent, they are free, they are willful and defiant, they show that they are beings in the same world as we are. For many, the experience of animals is distant or profoundly, deadeningly domesticated. Large animal danger teaches, too, and you don’t get that with cats. Much, at least. Some have wicked claws.