Chair being repaired with Bondo filler.

Clear and cold in the early hours, but later in the morning a return to dreary skies. Chilly, since soil and gravel crunched underfoot as Rosie and I walked. Got cloudy as the day went on.

Mid-morning, I had a “Zoom” with a student from my fall semester class. She’s interested in applying for a fellowship, which I wholly support, and I wanted to chat a bit about her interests and motivations so that I could write her a strong recommendation. The lens through which we see each other has become cloudier in these days of isolation, and having a larger perspective on each other is so difficult when we’re constrained by our digital tools. They have their uses, and they’re certainly better than nothing, but teleconferencing tools are a half-measure – really more like a quarter measure or a tenth measure when it comes to human interactions.