Messy hands covered with sweet potato

Messy hands getting the gnocchi dough ready.

Tried something different with gnocchi this time: sweet potatoes instead of Russetts. We made hundreds of the little things, since Arlene underestimated how far a sweet potato would go. We had a lot! Also, since sweet potatoes have more water in them, we had to add significantly more flour to the gnocchi “dough.” Since we were worried about the dough holding together, we also used three eggs instead of two. We froze a good number of the little things, so we’ll have more to boil up and eat in the future

We did try a new way of finishing off the gnocchi in a sauce and other preparation, and I don’t think it was particularly successful. They were cooked, as usual, in boiling water, and the sweet potato version behaved just like the regular version. However, instead of preparing them for eating with a cream or tomato sauce, we fried them in butter along with some other seasonings. The aroma was nice – spices do that – but the texture of the final product was, er, rubbery. I imagine it was the kind of outcome that might be appealing to a fast food restaurant like McDonalds: vaguely like gnocchi, made of gnocchi-like ingredients, and easy to package and handle. You could probably eat them like Chicken McNuggets.

Anyway, we won’t do that again with a future batch of gnocchi.

I think my enthusiasm for cooking with my bride came forth in the photos, simply because I took so many, and not all of them will make it to the website. Too redundant, I think.

I did get the chair straightened out, literally. The glue set under weights and pressure, so that the chair rests on all fours. Won’t be long before it can come into the house for painting.

A good day.