Half-finished chair with foam in place in its back

Chair with upholstery cloth draped on the seat cushion.

Presidential Inauguration Day and we all hope a new beginning of a pathway toward the light.

Cool, but not below freezing this morning. Rosie and I were out in the dark a bit before 6:00 am, and we had a nice time. I had bundled up, thinking that the temperature was lower than it actually was, and so by the time we got back into the house, I was really ready to take off the layers.

Arlene took advantage of the relative warmth to ride in the morning, and so I spent a bit of time going through my pen scrawls and transcribing them, with elaboration and rewriting, into the glamour chapter. I fired up Youtube to catch the inauguration preparation that began around 10:00, with the initial arrivals of former presidents. It was good to see Obama, hatless, emerge from the black SUV and head over to the Capitol building. Arlene planned to be back by 11:00 to catch the event. About 10:30, I saw Joe Biden and Dr. Biden arrive, and I thought what burdens that family will take on in coming months and years. I turned off the Youtube channel.

There is a certain tragic sense that hovers over this inauguration, I think, given the fine mess that the previous four years have brought and the fears and consequences of injustice and the pandemic.

Arlene got back about 10:45, and we fired up Youtube to watch the inauguration undisturbed by commercials. I can’t recall the Youtube channel, but it originated from the Inaugural Committee, I think. We shifted over to PBS after the proceedings, too. I can’t say that I wasn’t tense about the proceedings, given what we have experienced in the US in the past couple of weeks – and perhaps slightly less intensely over the past tragic, mean-spirited, and soul-crushing four years.

It was a hopeful and uplifting event, and I am so happy we have a real president again in this country. We’ll certainly face ugly challenges, including the pandemic and the rot of extremism and injustice. But I do think that at least we’ll have a stabler sense of right and wrong and a truly patriotic spirit at the helm. All of the female members of the clan said that they were particularly touched by Kamala Harris taking on the office.

We watched until about 1:00, and both of us were relieved and, oddly, exhausted. And we sat down together to watch the inaugural special “Celebrating America” which was a good way to end the most important day of the year so far and probably the most important since election day.

Before bed, I got notice that I could get a Covid vaccine, and I quickly set up an appointment for 9:00 tomorrow morning.

Picture-taking has been minimal, but I’m giving myself a break today a little.