Dark Morning twilight with a well lit building in the background

Back toward the garage in morning dark.

Dense fog this morning, which was actually a visual delight in some respects. It wasn’t cold. Otherwise a dreary morning, and the ground outside is so saturated that it’s bordering on “gushy.” I went back out into the mist after Rosie and I had our walk and I set things in motion in the kitchen. I figured that I’d try some more dark light photography. It wasn’t dawn, but it was a little brighter. The pre-dawn dog walk light is too dark for anything other than parking lot lighting, I guess. But morning twilight allowed some nice pictures.

Arlene decided not to go into the barn today, so she’s doing some more furniture painting down in the family room. It’s an old coffee table, heavy as a tank, that needs a coat of paint that will dry hard. For some reason the paint that’s on it just never seemed to harden up very well. The glass top has pads that cushion the glass from the surface, and those pads just sunk into the paint. I sanded the top smooth and used some liquid surface prep to get it all going for her. Basically it’s the same color as it was before, though the paint I bought was for the chair.

The chair paint, by the way, is nicely drying hard as it should. I may take on the task of putting the webbing on this weekend. The cushion foam arrived in the morning postal delivery. That was quick. I wasn’t expecting it until next week. So, we’re set more or less. I’m sure that I’ll have occasion to make a run to Lowes or to order some forgotten part online. I installed the corner supports–little angle that bind the corners of the seat. They got a screw and some glue; originally they were just nailed in place. Later in the day, I went whole hog, and did the jute webbing for the seat and cut the cushion foam. It’s in pretty good shape and actually quite comfortable.

Today, I prepared the pictures for the January 11 post, and I captured a series of images of me at the desk “doing Zoom.” I think it might turn into a Faces of Zoom series. It’s little weird to have a camera directed at yourself–seems rather narcissistic perhaps–but I figured that it’d be about the only thing to capture on a Zoom that wouldn’t feel intrusive to fellow Zoomers. Since they’re still shots, there’s no audio. The range of faces I had were a bit striking to me, a mixture of weariness, happiness, attentiveness, and distraction. I didn’t think that my face betrayed so much information, actually. So, I guess that the camera revealed something, at least.

Tonight, Orion was bright, and the moon was just a sliver. I tried to catch a photography of the moon, but the human eye is better than a fancy and pretty new smartphone.