a smaple backsplash tile square

Backsplash sample. We didn’t go with this design, though.

Eight eggs yesterday. I think we’re getting about four a day, enough for the whole family around here pretty easily. We’ll be getting more hens in the spring. Little ones, like we have always done despite their mess and care. Chicks are so wonderful in the hand, and we’ve had good luck with them. The “Ethyls” are producing. They’re the big orange “Buff Orpingtons” that all look the same, hence the same name.

Four eggs today, so we’re getting about half of the hens laying. In winter, they look like they lay up to an egg every other day, or maybe there are a couple of shirkers. On average, not bad.

I should say that I committed only one mass murder of unproductive hens decades ago. It was difficult, and I swore I’d not repeat it. Since that time our henhouses have been partly old hen homes. They die of old age, or the occasional opossum or fox gets them if I fail to lock them in at night, which sometimes happens.

Arlene and I were on the way in to Lowes to look at “backsplash” for the kitchen counters this morning, when I got a warning from the car of a “tire malfunction” in the back right tire. Sure enough, the pressure dropped quickly (the fancy-pants car reported the pressure drop every couple of seconds, like we were on the Space Shuttle). I chanced that we could get to a tire shop that is on the outskirts of Durham, and we barely made it. I was planning on changing the tire and continuing to Lowes in their parking area. It was okay with them, but the trouble was that my model of car–a Mercedes Benz E350 “Bluetec”–has no spare tire! Quite a shocker to me at least. We were stuck, more or less. The tires all around need replacing, and we’d prepared for that eventuality, so I just left the car there to have the fours replaced. Maud came to fetch us from the place, which was packed with cars needing repair. I think we’ll get it back tomorrow. One thing that was interesting: I wanted Michelins, but they couldn’t get any. Michelin had a three-month manufacturing stop, and the inventory dwindled. Due to the pandemic, I suppose. The tires are an odd size, too, the fellow said. I got Continentals instead. I think they’re quieter anyway.

It’s not the way I’d have wanted that to transpire, but it needed to be done anyway. New tires. We went to Lowes in the little red barn runabout, Arlene’s Yaris, which is efficient, though not as comfortable.

I picked up on a project that I had picked away at for well over a year: the replacement of the center console on the old E-type. I figured out a way to make the crosshatch aluminum pattern, and so I’ve been fashioning the console from aluminum sheets that I’ve embossed with the pattern. I have one more sheet and piece to make, but I have to complete the wooden underlayment for the sheeting, and that’s what I started this afternoon. Nothing special. Just cutting some thin plywood.

When I was out in the garage, I took a look at LinkedIn, which featured the Wall Street Journal article on when the boomers should hang it up. I decided that this little exercise of the past month was timely, though I don’t think I will add too much to the discussion at this point, since by the time I find something in this pile of photographs and words, interest and attention will have diminished. We are fickle creatures, and don’t frequently stay on a topic long enough to know it well. My little piece here will probably not see many minds or “eyeballs.”

It cleared up midday, and we had sun and a nice blue sky. Actually, it was a pretty lazy day. It felt like a Saturday, though, let’s see, it was … a Wednesday. Maybe.

Arlene reported that it is supposed to snow a bit tonight, and we might get a little bit of an accumulation, so Arlene had me gather items that “would soak up water” from around the place, including a couple of hay bales that are near the garage door. Actually, they just needed to be picked up. I re-stacked some wood from the porch that we’d put there to be handy for the holidays, when we had a fire in the fireplace. All stacked now and covered. Who knows, if the weather gets bad tonight I might have to fetch it again to keep the old place a little warm!